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Frequently asked questions

What is a domain name ?
Domain name allows you to have a website address like www.yourname.com

How do I register my domain name  ?
You can register the domain as low as 8.85 Per Year or RS 1000, For more information, click on our domains link.

What are your Dns Servers ?

Primary Server Hostname.........: ns5.pakhosting.com
Primary Server Netaddress.......:

Secondary Server Hostname.......: ns6.pakhosting.com
Secondary Server Netaddress.....:


Primary Server Hostname.........: ns1.pakhosting.com
Primary Server Netaddress (IP)..:

Secondary Server Hostname.......: ns2.pakhosting.com
Secondary Server Netaddress (IP):

What should I do if I need your hosting Services ?
Just click on order now and proceed with options

How Can I pay ?
We accept all major credit cards and checks for pakistani residence

Do you accept Credit Cards ?
Yes we do accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover but only from international customers

Do you accept International clients?

Yes, We already have more then 200 International clients.

How long does it takes to setup my domain ?

After receiving your order. The domain is setup within 12 to 24 hours.

What If I need more Web space or Email accounts ?

You can double your package, by paying RS 125 or $2.00 month

Do you Support ASP or PHP?
Yes, We do support ASP on Windows2003 Platform and PHP  in both Platform.

Can i use my account for commercial Purpose?

Yes, You can use your account for Commerical purpose.

Can I host Adult site?

, We do not allow Adult Sites hosted on our server. Any person doing that will result in cancellation of his account.

Can I subdivide and resell my domain space ?

Yes, You may create, unlimited directories in your domain and can give hosting to others.

Do you offer technical Support ?

Yes, We offer 24 hours technical Support through Email and Six days support through Phone.

Can I have a forwarding Domain ?

Yes, We do in USD 15.00 Per year.

Do you support SSI and Frontpage ?

Yes, We do support Frontpage 2000 and SSL

Can you handle foreign domain names?

Yes. We currently house domains from over 20 countries, for non internic domain names you will need to file the registration with your local NIC

Can I access my domain without the "www" in front?

Yes you can access your domain without "www"

Do you maintain backups of my data?

Yes we do maintain it once a month

Can I transfer a existing domain to your servers?

Yes, you may transfer any domain on our server.

Can I use Cgi-Scripts on your server?

Yes, we provide you with your own Cgi-Bin to run scripts like mailform, counters etc

Dont see your question here ? email us at sales@pakhosting.com

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